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Whilst your application is being processed now is a good time to get all your systems in place. Your accounting should have project management information available so that decisions can be made on empirical data and not just a gut feeling. All contract information like plans and specifications are best shared on line so that everyone knows the expected result. If you use MS Project this is excellent so the trades know the “when By” date so the tasks proceed like geese in chevron flight all in formation.

You’ve gotta be before you can do

For any project to be finished “On Time” all orders must be placed at the right time preferably before commencement. It’s O.K. you won’t be invoiced until the goods are called forward and you are less likely to incur any price rises. You will also know your cash flow at any given moment as you will have committed costs as well as actual. This takes away any worries over large sums of money that are changing hands. (something employees are not used to) Again MS Project can do this for you if orders are placed and the call forward sheet is maintained.

You’ve gotta do before you can have

When you get all the “ducks in a row” you can look forward to the fruits of your labour.
Then and only then should you be thinking of the House, Car and Boat.

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