If you keep on doing…
……………What you’ve been doing
You’re gonna keep on getting…
………….What you’ve been getting

They say the hardest part of any journey is leaving the house. Similarly a career change requires a start.

With the Builder’s Registration status, your options are open. You are free to choose and not have your career path dictated by circumstance.

You can obtain your Practitioner’s License or become a Building Contractor. It’s your call.

If only………..





We also assist small builders setting up their systems so they know where all the numbers are coming from and going to. It leades to peace of mind knowing what has been budgeted for a particular trade will cost no more.

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After a successful outcome we also assisted in the prevention of a similar occurance arising again by getting systems streamlined. This includes all information being available on the cloud and all the company’s details available on the net.

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When you’re ready to launch your career we’re here. If you are keen to get going give me a call on the below number.

Practitioner’s License

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And Finally……….

Contractor’s License

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